Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey look.... Signal comes again,..parabolic sar on the outside BB..!!!!

 Image 1

Hey look.... Signal comes again,..Parabolic Sar on the outside Bollinger Band!..!!! Parabolic sar (0.02 0.2)looks  on the  outside  line Bollinger Band (20,2) After i saw the above support to going down, I entry in pairs GBPJPY again  in level 137.00 and I've get more pips again ,hits +30pips..this is my very simple scalping strategy...At the image chart  2 (two) i tried again entry  on the area level 136.68 ,Exit on the area level 135.36...I get hits +32 pips. I use this strategy everyday in my trading, but candlestick patterns knowledge is required for this strategy.

Image 2


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Kosera said...

Mas, mohon ijin belajar dan save file nya ya. supaya bisa diulang2 belajarnya. agar nggak lupa. maklum sudah agak berumur saya... tapi masih nubie. dan kalau bisa postingan chart yang backgroundnya putih ya... agar kalau diprint mudah dibaca dan dilihat. Kalau hitam... nggak jelas hasilnya.