Friday, April 1, 2011

EURUSD After NFP, High-Low Scalp

 EURUSD  need consilidation  after reached highest point 1.4218, Daily Range 105, Hi-Low 154, Although  general big tren EURUSD still going up,but  i tried open short scalping position in area 1.4210 Exit 1.4198..Hits +10pips..
After NFP release EURUSD down until 1.4066, and i tried open long scalping position in area 1.4164, Exit 1.4211, Hits +45pips..


Fractal Logic Strategy said...

Itu pake indi apa ya?

Forex Review Master said...

that is good profit 55 pips in just few time, i am also using stochastic to scalp

Forex Review Master said...

woow good profit, 55 pips in a short time. i am also using stochastic to scalp